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Tetra Style
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ABOUT "Tetra Style"

"Tetra Style" is a character brand in Japan.

In a mysterious forest sits a little wooden house where cute hooded animals live. Tetra, the reliable wolf, and Seal, the pampered little kitten. Let's enjoy tea time together, filling up on Tetra's black tea.


Seal and Tetra

Seal Tetra

Tetra is a very tender and neat wolf boy. Tetra loves tea time. He is good at making a tart. Seal is a pampered little kitten girl. Pictures she draws are very good. There are next to the Tetra is always Seal. They live in a tiny wood house in a green forest together.

Cona and Moca

Cona Moca

Cona and Moca are charcoal gray twins rabbits. Cona is a rabbit boy on the left. He always wants to be strong and cool, although he actually is very coward, and even beaten by his sister, Moca. On the other side, sister Moca is fearless and straightforward girl. She loves dressing herself as most girls do. She often insists she loves Tetra but... bare no fruit.

Kai and Sui

Kai Sui

Kai, a rockhopper penguin, is spry little boy. He swims well, speaks much, deligent and smart. How perfect he is... except pranks. His friends frequently have troubles with his little pranks. Sui is an emperor penguin girl. She is yet too young to swim. She loves book. She is recenty into reading books of "How to swim well" and "How to make penguins fly". The two lives on the crystal iceberg.

Tetra's friends who live in the forest.



" Kawaii-Usagi" means "Cute rabbit."
She is a small pink rabbit. She thinks she is very cute herself.

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Nya Pyon








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